Тип: Вертолет
  • Тип:
  • Марка / производитель:
  • Модель:
  • Год выпуска:
  • Свойства:
  • Страна:
  • Код аэропорта:
  • Total Time (TTAF):
    18000 h
  • Последний ежегодный осмотр:
  • Количество пассажиров:
Description of Description of theМи-8АМТ
  • The Klimov TV3-117 is a Russian gas turbine aero engine. It is used in most medium lift, utility, and attack helicopters designed by the Mil and Kamov design bureaus. The TV3-117 turboshaft engine was developed in 1974. Later the Klimov TV3-117 was installed on 95% of all helicopters designed by Mil and Kamov Engineering Centre. The engine has been produced in many variants. («VM» stands for «high altitude, modernized») – for Mi-28 helicopters and later installed also on Mi-8MT/Mi-171 models. This engine features an automatic switch to emergency power. It was awarded type certificates by the IAC Aviation Registry, India, the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China. Mass-produced since 1986

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